Using Vape Pod – 3 Facts You Need to Know

Using vape pod

A few years ago, Using Vape Pod was uncommon, hard to find, and a mystery to most people. Now they’re everywhere, but they haven’t really been noticed. Surveys consistently show that although the public hears a lot about e-cigarette use and vaping on social media, they still don’t fully understand what vaping is.

Smokers are unlikely to be more informed about using Vape Pod, which is unfortunate since they are the ones most likely to need to be aware of vaping.

However, that’s not really surprising because smokers often read newspapers or watch on social media and they consider e-cigarettes really unsafe. Vape Gia Re presents three facts that smokers should know about using Vape Pod.

1. Using Vape Pod Much Safer Than Traditional Cigarettes

How many times have you read an article claiming that e-cigarettes are as dangerous as smoking? Many journalists have repeated this, often based on information that has not been proven by science, and there are indications that a lot of people, especially older people.

Believe it, Both in the UK and the US Less than half of smokers unbelieve vaping is safer than smoking, and that number is starting to go down. The message that the new technology is at least as harmful as burning a cigarette is spreading rapidly.

However, the truth is very different. Last year, Public Health England (PHE) carried out the most detailed study of vaping ever done and their conclusion was quite definitive – ‘it is safer to using vape pod at least 95% compared to traditional cigarettes”.

Many people think this means they will have 5% risk left for their number of users. If this is true it’s still pretty impressive, but there’s actually no evidence so far that e-cigarettes are capable of killing anyone. That 5% potential risk includes the “risk” of becoming addicted to “other substances” besides nicotine.

2. Using Vape Pod to replace traditional cigarettes will help you “save” more

A lot of smokers look at the price of an e-cigarette, usually starting at around 600,000 VND and compare that price with the price. a pack of cigarettes. They then continued to smoke. That’s understandable, but it’s also an expensive mistake.

Cigarette packs are disposable, you buy them, you smoke them and they disappear. An e-cigarette that can be refilled is different. You buy it, as long as you know how to clean and maintain the vape pod parts, you can using vape pod monthly or yearly.

Instead of every day you spend 20.000 VND to buy 1 pack of cigarettes, you can buy 1 bottle of E-liquid and a few replacement occs/pod for 1 month, so that’s more economical?. The average long-term vaper spends as much on new vape pod and occ/pod e-liquids each week as they spend on cigarettes in a day.

If you still think that smoking is often more economical than using vape – e-cigarettes, have you thought about the impact on your health when you using vape pod or traditional cigarettes?

3. Using Vape Pod to quit smoking or just an alternative?

Some say there is no evidence that using vape pod helps smokers quit, but others do. Vape Gia Re thinks this is a question with many directions.

Quitting smoking is not an easy task. Most smokers have tried quitting many times, whether you use patches or gum, therapy or other methods to quit smoking, the failure rate is about 95%

Many scientists theorize exactly why quitting is so difficult, but they tend to miss one important detail: Most smokers don’t really want to quit smoking. They say that they smoke because of the habit as well as to relieve stress. The reality is that most smokers continue to smoke because they enjoy it and see it as a companion.

Now think of the language used about smokers. They should give up the habit they enjoy, it’s all about smoking cessation. But who wants to stop doing something they’re enjoying? Just ask anyone who’s actually quit, and they’ll tell you – for a long time, sometimes years, they felt like something was missing from their life.

Traditional smoking cessation aids like nicotine gum are designed to make it easier to give up the things you love. using vape pod is different. You don’t have to actually stop doing anything, you just have to do it in a better, less unhealthy way.

It is true that early e-cigarettes were not very satisfying compared to cigarettes, but the technology has come a long way in just a few years; With so many modern Pod System models coming out, they are properly set up and contain the right amount of nicotine is a whole different story.

Not only is it an acceptable alternative, but also using vape pod is better than traditional cigarettes in every way. You can choose the amount of nicotine you want, from countless delicious flavors to the color and design you like. Of course it’s also more socially acceptable, much cheaper and 95% safer.

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Switching to vape pod is the equivalent of exchanging your old Iphone 5 for a premium Iphone 14. However, it is best not to think too much. Look instead at what real medical professionals are demonstrating – renowned groups like Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians. Plus, read the words of thousands of vapers who have put their quit stories online using vape pod.

It’s not hard to find the truth about using vape pod, and once you’re done, you can feel a lot more positive about choosing a hobby.

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