Juice Vape Pod – 1 Guide to Changing Liquid

Juice Vape Pod - 1 Guide to Changing Liquid

Are you using Juice Vape Pod and feeling bored? Want to change flavors once a week?

The following is a detailed description of how best to change the Juice Vape Pod in the combustion chamber

Reuse Tank and Pod Vape

Juice Vape Pod - 1 Guide to Changing Liquid

According to the psychology of vapers, filling up with e-liquid can help us smoke longer and burn coils more difficult.

But the truth is, you should use enough oil throughout the day to avoid waste.

(As always, ensure that the oil tank or pod always maintains essential oil during use, otherwise the coil may be burned out.)

When you want to change the flavor of Juice Vape Pod, please follow these steps

For tanks and pods (can removable occ)

Juice Vape Pod - 1 Guide to Changing Liquid

1. Remove the housing or container from the device.

2. Remove the loose coil and wipe it dry (never flush with water).

3.Clean the container/pod with ordinary water.

4. Drain the storage room and dry it with a paper towel.
(This is an important step because any remaining moisture will affect the quality and taste of the vape pod.)

5. Reignite the engine oil and reconnect the pod/tank.

Use separate pods and tanks

Many people who smoke vape for along time, they will use different flavors of Juice Vape Pod.

If you are using two or more tank or pod, this is still convenient.

Can be cleaned in turns without waiting for other pod to dry.

It is best to divide it into two types: fat and fruit Juice Vape Pod..

This may be a bit expensive, but it is also a common method.

What if you only have a tank or pod, and haven’t bought a new one yet?

You may not want to wait or be afraid to clean and wait for the tank to dry.

Sometimes, if you’re careful, you just need to add a new Juice Vape Pod, and the flavors can mix together.

However, some e-liquid can have a strong taste and have an odor for a long time. Cigars are a good example.

“I poured another essence. I smoked cigar essential oil several times before. Although I used a completely different flavor, the cigar pod vape essential oil still didn’t fly away.”

If you like the combination of the flavors you use and the new flavors, the taste will be great.

However, you won’t get the smell of a new bottle of Juice Vape Pod.

For example, if you use mint juice and replace it with blueberries, you will get a pleasant blueberry mint flavor.

Over time, the original taste will gradually disappear, adding it a few times, and you will get a more pure taste.

Will you mix juice vape pod together?

However, this does not apply to the taste of all vape pod e-liquid.

The effect will depend on your personal taste, taste intensity, and consistency of taste.

For example, if you like me, don’t like the taste of tobacco mint, then mint and tobacco flavors can damage your taste (and vice versa).

Below I have listed some blends that taste good, as well as some that do not taste good.

Of course, this depends to some extent on personal preferences, but you may find this a useful starting point:

Well blended flavors:

Simple fruit flavors (such as raspberry, strawberry, and cherry peppermint flavors) and other fruit flavors.

Caramel cigarettes and cream.

Bubble gum and fruit flavors.

Simple fruit flavors and other simple fruit flavors (such as strawberries and blueberries)

Poorly blended flavors:

Tobacco flavored fruits, cakes.

Menthol/the smell of cigarettes.

Mix complex fruit flavors with other fruit flavors.

Mix ice fruit flavors with strawberry flavors such as blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry.

When you change your taste, do you need to replace it with a new occ/pod?

Although the price of an OCC/Pod is also close to 100%, it is still difficult for financially strapped Vaper.

However, this is necessary. If only the container is cleaned, the cleaning process will not eliminate the previous vape pod odor on the old occ/pod.

To save money, you can put your old OCC in a small plastic bag or a zippered bag and write down your taste name.

When you exchange this flavor, you can reuse the coil without throwing it away.

If you have any other tips for changing your taste, please let us know in the comments section below!

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