Pod System Xtal Pro – Review’s Article 1

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Quality and Design of Pod System Xtal Pro
Podsystem Xtal Pro 30W by ZQ Vapor - Tất cả trong một - Vape VL


If you have ever used Caliburn, the shape and weight of Xtal are more or less the same, but slightly larger.

On Xtal Pro, the suction cup is rectangular, rather than a round head like the Caliburn Pod.

But not everyone uses Caliburn, so it is a similar but different model of device.

The size of the Xtal is 113 mm x 22 mm x 12 mm, which is longer than the traditional system pod, but is quite thin and easy to carry.\

The body look very strong, but it weighs only 32 grams.

Pod System Xtal Pro Pod

Pod System Xtal Pro - Review's Article 1

As mentioned above, the shell and coil of Xtal look very similar to the Caliburn shell.

For beginners, it requires up to 1.8 milliliters of electronic juice, slightly lower than the Caliburn Pod (2 milliliters).

They are transparent and a bit dark, but if you reverse the device, you can still check the content of the essential oil.

The Filling gate is located at the bottom of the pod.

After using the Pod System Xtal Pro for a period of time, I have a feeling of okela’s experience.

Occasionally, some essential oil may leak from the top of the pod, but the contact points seem mostly dry.

A small amount of essential oil can be found in the exposed area without causing any performance issues.

OCC and Fuselage Xtal Pro Pod System

Coil (OCC)

Pod System Xtal Pro - Review's Article 1

Xtal has two OCC options to choose from:

OCC 1.2 ohm nickel chromium wire
OCC 0.6 Ohm Mesh Coil

1.2 hectares of OCC are included in the box, and Occ 0.6 can be purchased separately.

Please note that Xtal’s OCC heating speed is very fast, so when you first light the essential oil, you should wait for about 10 minutes to allow the essential oil to evenly penetrate into the OCC.


Pod System Xtal Pro - Review's Article 1

Including an OLED screen that clearly displays parameters (I also like a pod tree with a screen).

If you don’t know how long your battery will last when you’re out, you won’t be so worried.

Pod System Xtal Pro can burn by pressing buttons and sensors (which can switch modes).

Both combustion modes are the same, but I chose to use the button only because I am accustomed to smoking e-cigarettes.

Press the burn button three times to switch modes

(B) Press the button to use.
(A) Use suction sensors.
(A&B)  Both modes.

Features of the Pod System Xtal Pro

In my opinion, the product is very good and has high performance.

Everyone likes Caliburn, and although many pod brands try to replicate this experience, the results have been minimal.

Those who have not yet tried Caliburn and hope to obtain warm, smooth, and delicious e-cigarettes.

The closer appeal of the Pod System Xtal Pro will be perfect.

I suggest using Salt Ni of 20ni or higher on this pod.

I even tried using 9 milligrams of regular nicotine, but the taste is not as pronounced as high nicotine.

On the other hand, OCC 1.0 will further combat ni and produce a stronger taste.

Both types of OCC can easily use essential oils containing 70VG, but I suggest using 50/50 or 60/40 to increase flavor.

Battery Life and Charging

Pod System Xtal Pro - Review's Article 1

Pod System Xtal Pro charges through the Type-C USB port located at the bottom of the machine.

ZQ claims that the Xtal fully charges within 30 to 40 minutes and is no longer as slow as previous micro ports.

Clear battery display on the screen, no longer displaying indicator lights like the Xtal version.

I think a battery capacity of 1000 mAh is very suitable for such a small and lightweight device.

Please note that Pod System Xtal Pro has a direct output, so performance will decrease when the battery is nearing depletion.

However, I did not notice a significant decrease in the performance of the pod, but I found that when the pod was at 30%, I should suffocate.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pod System Xtal Pro


Lightweight and easy to carry.
Good materials.
Easy to operate.
It is easy to ignite essential oils.
Use slightly upwards and lightly.
The taste is very good (especially on Oc 1.0 for liposuction)
Pod head installation is tighter than Caliburn
There are three flexible usage modes.
Sensitive traction sensor.
The OLED screen displays complete information.


Occ takes longer.
Essential oil leakage can be ignored.
Colors have no appeal.
Basic mode.


I mentioned a lot about Caliburn in this comment, but it’s not just because of the visual similarity between these two devices.

The Pod System Xtal Pro is not the first Pod to adopt this design, nor will it be the last.

The problem is that from a performance perspective, these two types of Pods have many similarities.

If you like Caliburn and are worried about using other models of Pods in the future, the ZQ Pod System Xtal Pro is another option.

In addition, ZQ has now released a very beautiful limited edition Pod System Xtal Pro and promised not to disappoint Vaper.

What do you think of the ZQ Pod System Xtal Pro? Please let me know in the comments section!

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