Is E-Liquid 1 Of The Cause Of Explosion And Overflow?


Are you new to vaping and do you often experience E-liquid spills on the body of the device? You have been vaping for a few days but when you smoke, you get sprayed with E-liquid? Cheap Vape will answer your questions and vape protection tips for you right now!

Protect vape from E-Liquid splatte

To avoid squirts of liquid in your mouth, try a lighter suction, a fresh one, or your occ/pod.

It can happen that liquid shoot into your mouth often accompanied by an explosion, something new vape users find disturbing. However, do not need to worry, Vape Gia Re will explain simply as well as how to protect.

Why is there an explosion with E-Liquid?

Just as you’re vaping in a breath from your vape after a long day, suddenly a small explosion sounds like a cracker. You hear a “pop” and you can feel some drops in your mouth, which is an unpleasant experience. However, you also don’t need to worry much.

For a variety of reasons, liquid can soak up your occ/pod, causing the cotton ball to become over-soaked with E-Liquid.

– In the normal state, you just add the E-Liquid, wait 5 minutes, then press the burning button, the burner will heat the E-Liquid and evaporate.

– However, you do not smoke after a while (after 6 hours or overnight without use), at this time the cotton ball in the occ / pod is excessively soaked with E-Liquid. At that time, you press the start button and smoke, your occ / pod has not yet vaporized all that amount of E-Liquid.

The reason why E-Liquid spill and how to protect vape

An occ/pod consists of a coil (mesh) and cotton. As the wire heats up, it causes the liquid to permeate the cotton, causing the cotton to expand and evaporate. In the end, this layer of cotton will deflate like it was at the beginning.

When using for a while, the coil (mesh) and the cotton layer will wear out more and more. At this time, the gaps between the cotton and the coil are more and more.

In the end, there is no such thing as a perfect burner. Each has its own unique characteristics based on its absorbency and can also be determined by the consistency of the Liquid. The thicker the Liquid, the longer the occ needs to absorb and vice versa.

Caliburn G Pods Leaking, globs of juice in my mouth : r/Vaping101

Another phenomenon, when you vape, you will not absorb 100% of the steam that is burned up.

The remaining amount of steam will be condensed, at some point, it will close the drop and flow back until the next activation. When the time comes, the excess Liquid will flow back down the vape vent.

Or simply, my gravity is too strong. It is your attraction that promotes faster liquid penetration into the occ.

Protect vape from spills:

– Take a steady puff with moderate suction.

– Change occ periodically every 1-2 weeks.

– The interval between the suctions should be about 10-20 seconds.

– Do not add too much essential oil, especially do not soak the liquid for too long.

– When not in use, you should turn off the vape device and separate the pod or tank from the machine.

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